Disclaimer & Statutory Warning

We wish to clarify that Daaman has only one formal WhatsApp group for victims, any other group created by anyone using Daman's name is unauthorized and has nothing to do with Daaman or it's core members! For any views expressed or suggestions shared by anyone in any regard in any of the unauthorized groups, Daaman is not responsible and who so ever follows it, does it at his own risk. For more information, drop a message.


DAAMAN WhatApp Group Policy

दामन का मानना है कि अगर 1947 में WhatsApp या Facebook रहा होता, तो कोई भी घर से न निकलता, केवल मैसेजिंग करता और साथ में लिखता कि इसे इतना फोरवर्ड करो कि अंग्रेज़ देश छोड़ कर चले जाएं… जो लड़ाई जमीनी है, वो जमीन पर ही लड़ी जा सकती है, WhatsApp और Facebook बहुत अच्छी चीजें हैं, कृपया इन्हें जरूरत भर ही इस्तेमाल करें और साप्ताहिक मीटिंगों में अपनी उपस्थिति सुनिश्चित करें….

Hi all,
Please read it and take it with utmost seriousness Daman WhatsApp groups are meant primarily for activism and secondly to assist members in the fight against gender-biased laws & their cases. Above everything else, to remove misandry from society. This is a self-help group for the sake of convenience and accessibility.

We have certain conditions and guidelines, for all possible reasons, including the safety of members and to have defined & desired skill set.

Our group does not support any paid model or transaction of money in return for support, but that doesn’t mean we are a disposable freebie.

We’ve observed that members, who are local in cities where weekly meetings are organised, are least interested in joining meetings and on the contrary, are seeking everything from WhatsApp groups!

We also add members who approach us through SIF-One or FB and do not have weekly meetings in their cities. We’ve been doing this as a helping gesture, who ever try to exploit, we check.

SIF/Daman WhatsApp groups are meant to add maximum people and not to add same people in maximum groups.

Members of our groups are required to satisfy following conditions: All local members will need to attend weekly meetings. (At least two meetings per month) Outside members are added only as counsellors, to guide victims. Victims living in other cities/states, attending meetings there, but have cases at Daman meeting locations can also be added once they get themselves recommended by some senior/counsellor/organiser of the weekly meeting they attend. All members, local or outsiders are required to fill this requisition form or send their following details at wa@daman4men.in, mentioning your name in the subject. Name Home city/town City/town where cases are Mobile number The contact number of at least one family member. A passport-size photo (optional) Reference Scanned copy of FIR or any petition of your’s or your opposite party. Any member added without details even in urgency, will be allowed only 5 days to furnish details. Please do not ask us to add your brother, parents etc. when you are already a member in our group. Please do not post any content which might seem to be offensive towards any section of the society which includes, and is not limited to the relatives, in-laws, police, judiciary, and political parties. Please do not post any sensitive information pertaining to your case; have long conversations on this forum about your case. Do not post jokes or any other material which is not related to our cause. Please do not post any material which might send out a wrong message or dissuade other members from being a part of our cause. Please make sure you put your full name in your Whatsapp profile, to be a part of / continue being a part of Daman group. Please make sure you update your Whatsapp regularly. In the case of any questions regarding Daman group, please contact the moderators. If you are removed from this group, and before you contact a moderator personally, please try to analyse what went wrong on your part. New members, after joining the group, please provide brief details about your dispute, location, and full name on this group. As a basic SIF policy, neither any advocate nor discussions about advocates allowed in the group.

Single objective of our groups is to fight gender-biased laws in every possible manner, but recently we observed that only this is something which is mostly avoided! Does this leave any scope for such non-interested members to be in the group?

Based upon the activity and effectiveness of an admin we change the role from time to time.

@Admins, please don’t add any new faces if you don’t know the person or if he does not fulfil above-mentioned conditions. Before adding anyone make him aware about the objective of this group and the rules mentioned above. Any unwanted forwards/content will lead to suspension from group, in the first instance! Any repeated violation of rule will lead to removal from the group (If everyone posts only one forwarded message per day, imagine the havoc group members will be in). Any sort of arrogance, showing unnecessary intolerance, personal direct attack in the group or on the personal message will not be tolerated; such conduct will be taken as rule violation and can lead to removal from the group, without notice as well. The decision of group administrators will be final.

Kindly attend the weekly meetings regularly. There is NO Alternative for Learning, Sharing & Taking our Cause forward. In times of emergency, call our helpline number at 8882-498-498, single helpline number for men in distress in India.

Thanking you all in anticipation and expecting your cooperation.

Single Helpline Number For Men In Distress In India